My Latest Addiction

Lately, I’ve had an itch to get a new car. The itch turned into a rash and then to a full on addiction. Any spare moment I would throw all of my attention into the latest “special offer” the “best lease deal” “the 2013 definition of luxury”.

Occasional phone calls with the quick request of lease rates, were followed by the dealer’s request for me to “come on in and take it for a ride!” The temptations were strong. They knew I was hooked and they were just reeling me in.

At home every car ad on TV caught my attention and my ears would perk up to hear the deal. I began to question if I really wanted to take on the higher payments, higher insurance? The indecision was delightfully painful and all consuming. My phone would ring all hours of the day, and my email inbox was filling with dealer offers!

My current car – a classic 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee – has been good to me.
The internal debate allowed me to wait. So I fixed the AC, had the car detailed, and said f-u-finance & lease companies……until my next lapse when I get the Audi R8.

Audi R8

Audi R8


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In Today’s Digital Age Great Content is Most Important

Growing up I didn’t have a computer till I was 18, no I’m not thaaat old!
In todays digital age, with internet usage up %600 since 2000
It seems as if everyone is in their own social network. We reach out to connect, share and promote what we are up to, what we like and how we live.  But when does shameless promotion become overbearing and who’s to say how much is too much? I know I’ve un-followed and blocked people with too much promotion but at what point does fear of being annoying stop my own drive for success? It’s been said that “attention is the new oil”. So with so much content online is there any way to be seen other than constant postings of entertaining content? I have finally found my own peace of mind when it comes to online promotion. I am going to share my talents and creativity with the world and the ones who are moved to read, listen or watch, Great! and if you’re not that’s perfectly fine too, but I’m not going to make excuses about why I shouldn’t express myself because of how someone else may feel about it. As with anything created it will usually find a home with people that relate to it. Anyone in SEO will tell you great content is most important. With the easy access to valuable information all over the internet we are moving towards an exciting future where online collaboration, creativity and imagination can be manifested and recognized all over the world, in real time!
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Being a Vegetarian…oh sorry, I mean a Pescitarian

  At the young age of 4 years old I chose to stop eating meat. My parents did not force me to eat it and so I began my journey as a vegetarian. You can imagine the resistance I came up against time and time again, politely declining that burger or chicken wing. Through-out elementary, middle school and high school I would consistently decline the advances of meat pushers. In 6th grade Home Cooking class, we were required to try ALL of the cooking including the turkey we prepared. I declined and when I admitted that it was not for religious reasons, I was told I have to eat it and was eventually kicked out of class and sent to detention. The drama continued, as I waited patiently my mother, the principle and teacher had a meeting. The result was a victory for me! I didn’t have to eat anything I didn’t want to, period. I took that lesson with me in the years that came. As I got older I added fish into my diet and developed my health and wellness practices. It is an on going process and I am not always eating healthy, I have my weaknesses like everyone else, but I do my best to stick to non-proccessed foods and locally grown fruits and veggies. I won’t be persuaded by what our society tells me I should eat. What I put in my body is my choice and NO ONE else will take responsibility for my health. Heres a list of some ideas that may be beneficial to you and your health.
  1. Listen to Dead Prez Songs “Eat Healthy” &  “Healthy Livin”
  2. Find your local Farmers Market
  3. Minimize Processed Foods
  4. Dish Idea – Tofu flash fried with New Orleans Fish Fry
  5. Dish Idea – Seitan (Wheat Glutan) breaded and baked with Duck Sauce
  6. Juice fresh veggies, have fun and make crazy combinations
  7. Kale Chips – Add a little grape seed oil, salt and garlic and bake at 350 for 20 min
  8. Jamaican Roots Drinks – make you strong like bull!
  9. Probiotics
  10. Good Posture (Sitting, standing, sleeping, walking and running correctly)

Fresh Locally Grown Fruits and Veggies

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New Bodizepha Stickers Are In

New stickers are in. Drop me a line and I’ll mail out some stickers to you!


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How to Work With Music Industry Contacts

Here is a recent article on working with music industry contacts. Enjoy!

It’s no secret that often in the world music, it’s more about “who you know” than what you know. The industry generally favors pre-existing relationships, whether you are looking for a venue, a sponsor, a review on your new album, or a slot at SXSW. Like it or not, networking can make or break an act.

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