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Bodizepha – Activism

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Recent Performances

I recently had the chance to perform at three events this past month, and thanks to my friends at Abstract Music the Performances were a success.

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Youth Programs

The ADMIT Program focuses on music industry training with an emphasis on developing economic self sufficiency; social responsibility; life skills; and commitment to public service among its participants. Participants learn to serve their community by collaborating to produce positive songs to influence their peers and enhance their neighborhoods, thereby perpetuating the ADMIT Program’s emphasis on education, achievement and self-determination.


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The Music

Music is everything, and the one true escape from everyday activities.

Please take the time to listen to my songs and leave your comments below.

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I had the privilege of meeting Russel Simmons this past year.

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My Mission

Most rappers rep their city or crew to the fullest, I represent the world and all the people in it. I speak universal truth, all religions could agree on. I am committed to abundance in every aspect of life and making a real difference in the way people perceive themselves and the outside world.

I am a musician, visual artist, film editor, social activist, sports enthusiast and lyrical martial artist.

Bodizepha is bringing progressive hip hop with a classic feel.

Click here for an exclusive download of Bodizepha’s latest single.

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