Being a Vegetarian…oh sorry, I mean a Pescitarian

  At the young age of 4 years old I chose to stop eating meat. My parents did not force me to eat it and so I began my journey as a vegetarian. You can imagine the resistance I came up against time and time again, politely declining that burger or chicken wing. Through-out elementary, middle school and high school I would consistently decline the advances of meat pushers. In 6th grade Home Cooking class, we were required to try ALL of the cooking including the turkey we prepared. I declined and when I admitted that it was not for religious reasons, I was told I have to eat it and was eventually kicked out of class and sent to detention. The drama continued, as I waited patiently my mother, the principle and teacher had a meeting. The result was a victory for me! I didn’t have to eat anything I didn’t want to, period. I took that lesson with me in the years that came. As I got older I added fish into my diet and developed my health and wellness practices. It is an on going process and I am not always eating healthy, I have my weaknesses like everyone else, but I do my best to stick to non-proccessed foods and locally grown fruits and veggies. I won’t be persuaded by what our society tells me I should eat. What I put in my body is my choice and NO ONE else will take responsibility for my health. Heres a list of some ideas that may be beneficial to you and your health.
  1. Listen to Dead Prez Songs “Eat Healthy” &  “Healthy Livin”
  2. Find your local Farmers Market
  3. Minimize Processed Foods
  4. Dish Idea – Tofu flash fried with New Orleans Fish Fry
  5. Dish Idea – Seitan (Wheat Glutan) breaded and baked with Duck Sauce
  6. Juice fresh veggies, have fun and make crazy combinations
  7. Kale Chips – Add a little grape seed oil, salt and garlic and bake at 350 for 20 min
  8. Jamaican Roots Drinks – make you strong like bull!
  9. Probiotics
  10. Good Posture (Sitting, standing, sleeping, walking and running correctly)

Fresh Locally Grown Fruits and Veggies

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