My Latest Addiction

Lately, I’ve had an itch to get a new car. The itch turned into a rash and then to a full on addiction. Any spare moment I would throw all of my attention into the latest “special offer” the “best lease deal” “the 2013 definition of luxury”.

Occasional phone calls with the quick request of lease rates, were followed by the dealer’s request for me to “come on in and take it for a ride!” The temptations were strong. They knew I was hooked and they were just reeling me in.

At home every car ad on TV caught my attention and my ears would perk up to hear the deal. I began to question if I really wanted to take on the higher payments, higher insurance? The indecision was delightfully painful and all consuming. My phone would ring all hours of the day, and my email inbox was filling with dealer offers!

My current car – a classic 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee – has been good to me.
The internal debate allowed me to wait. So I fixed the AC, had the car detailed, and said f-u-finance & lease companies……until my next lapse when I get the Audi R8.

Audi R8

Audi R8


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  1. Laurie Schwartz |

    You pay for it and I’ll ride in it.

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