Bodizepha’s musical talents were recognized at an early age. Growing up in Woodstock, NY, he was exposed to a slew of international musicians from varying genres. One of the most attractive styles to capture Bodizepha was the eclectic blends of hip-hop and jazz. As the son of a jazz musician father and classical flutist mother, the New York native learned early on that music was a vehicle of expression. He began djing on-air at 15, writing songs at 17 and by 21 was renting studio space to record his music.

Bodizepha has been fortunate to travel to Haiti, South Africa, Israel, Jamaica, and across Europe. He was able to tune into the unique music of each country, while extracting new musical nuances to feed his own style.  Hip hop, electronic, dance hall reggae, and pop have fused into his music and comprise a large majority of his portfolio.


Bodizepha hand-built his private recording studio in 2005 and has entrenched himself inside ever since; he comes out once in a while, usually after dark.  No wonder his record label is Up All Night Productions.


Bodizepha not only produces his own sounds, but regularly produces other musicians as well.  This dynamic artist also works with community youth at risk in the studio setting, teaching music production skills. At a fundraiser chaired by Russell Simmons, Mr. Simmons said, “Keep moving your music along. It’s deep.”